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City, Nonprofits Offer Help for Homebuyers in Northwest Jacksonville

Cheri Randolph is a homebody.

She prefers cooking a meal for her boys and the other mundane activities that turn a house into a home.

After renting for years, she and her two sons moved into a home of their own for the first time this month. 

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The three-bedroom house with freshly laid grass in the backyard is in the Newtown neighborhood, just west of Downtown Jacksonville.

Randolph’s is one of 10 homes that the Northwest Jacksonville Community Development Corporation is building this year, and among the few dozen it’s built within a three-mile radius of its headquarters at Moncrief Road and Myrtle Avenue within the past two decades. 

Developing tracts of land for single-family homes is one way the nonprofit is committed to bringing the middle class back to Northwest Jacksonville. It pays for the entire building process, from permitting and contracting to finishing. Homeowners like Randolph then purchase the properties from the nonprofit with mortgages of their own. 

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