Our Approach

What to Expect

We deploy expert teams of “institutional paramedics” led by skilled doctoral-level leaders into K-12 schools and districts, educational nonprofits, higher education institutions, and corporations. Using our data-driven Genesis Process ©, we partner with our clients to create long-term solutions that help them better accomplish their missions and serve their communities.

Our Process

The Genesis Process © is an ongoing cycle of data-driven change management, feedback, and continuous improvement.

  • TAKE HISTORY: Listen to understand client needs and context.
  • EXAMINE: Conduct a 360-degree assessment of the institution or focus area.
  • DIAGNOSE: Identify the challenges and opportunities revealed by the data.
  • PROPOSE: Present solutions aligned with the organizational context and effective practices.
  • TRIAGE: Collaborate with the client to prioritize strategies.
  • TREAT: Implement agreed-upon strategies using a capacity building approach.
  • EVALUATE: Gather and analyze data to assess outcomes and adjust strategies.
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Our Results

Our work has resulted in strong organizations becoming stronger, jeopardized institutions remaining viable, millions of dollars leveraged for community-serving programs, newly formed schools, increased community engagement, and much more.