Our Approach

Your organization is on a journey – it’s adapting, growing, and changing, all in real time.

To keep up with change, it leans on familiar tools – strategic planning, evaluation, and assessment. They’re the cornerstone of thriving communities – in education, nonprofits, churches, government, and industry. 

But the demands of doing more with less, bridging the generational divide, and solving new problems as they arise mean team members may not get the training and support they need to assess and grow. The best-case scenario? Approaches to change that do just enough to check the box. 

Change happens by degrees, one day at a time. Maybe that’s why it’s easy to miss. Enter Genesis.

We’ve spent decades on the front lines of strategic planning, community building, evaluation, and assessment. We’ve built a powerful network of experts who don’t just talk about change – they quantify what it takes to get there. We are standard-bearers for a new model of scholarship in practice that puts the mission at the heart of the measurables. 

When we say “we,” we’re talking about you, too. Shared goals connect communities through achievable shared visions. Processes that seem burdensome at the outset take on a human dimension when they are prioritized and planned in a way that increases institutional capacity. 

It adds up to results. We’re addicted to being there to find and celebrate the first flicker of positive change – and to keep pushing your organization to higher and more effective standards.

What to Expect

We deploy expert teams of “institutional paramedics” led by skilled doctoral-level leaders into K-12 schools and districts, educational nonprofits, higher education institutions, and corporations. Using our data-driven Genesis Process ©, we partner with our clients to create long-term solutions that help them better accomplish their missions and serve their communities.

Our Process

The Genesis Process © is an ongoing cycle of data-driven change management, feedback, and continuous improvement.

  • TAKE HISTORY: Listen to understand client needs and context.
  • EXAMINE: Conduct a 360-degree assessment of the institution or focus area.
  • DIAGNOSE: Identify the challenges and opportunities revealed by the data.
  • PROPOSE: Present solutions aligned with the organizational context and effective practices.
  • TRIAGE: Collaborate with the client to prioritize strategies.
  • TREAT: Implement agreed-upon strategies using a capacity building approach.
  • EVALUATE: Gather and analyze data to assess outcomes and adjust strategies.
Contact us today to put the Genesis Process © to work in your organization.

Our Results

We are not a “pre-packaged solutions” firm. Our experience at all levels of education shows us that organizations are unique and dynamic – they require a custom, hands-on approach driven by measurable results. We choose projects wisely.