We provide comprehensive services to help client institutions more effectively accomplish their missions. Our specialities are:

Community Impact Planning

Community impact planning matches assets of educational institutions with the needs of the community to help institutions achieve their missions more broadly.

Accreditation Planning & Management

Accreditation is an indicator of quality and allows students to transfer credits and receive federal financial aid. Many institutions struggle with internal monitoring processes and find themselves at imminent deadlines that seem overwhelming. We provide spot-on gap analysis and help create a bridge between where you are your accreditation targets.

Higher Education Resilience

Small colleges matter — and always have to do more with less! We deploy a skilled and experienced team to partner with your institution to streamline your administrative functions, improve student customer service, and enable your institution to compete for funding opportunities. We also work on general institutional effectiveness and strategic planning, allowing your institution to achieve its BIG mission.

Capacity-Building Partnerships

By partnering with Genesis and leveraging our team as needed, organizations can maximize resources and reduce costs – no need to hire new employees or overburden their teams to conduct short term projects. Bringing in our team allows clients to build the capacity of their partner organizations by making our highly rated, culturally competent consultants available.

Strategic Planning & Evaluation

It’s impossible to get where you’re going without the right directions. Strategic planning and evaluation helps institutions of all sizes learn, plan, execute, and evaluate a concrete direction that amplifies your organization's work. We are focused on meaningful outcomes that advance the mission of the institution and affect social change for the larger community.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Equity is not just a feel-good concept - it impacts organizational effectiveness, marketability, and bottom lines, beginning with the ability to attract and retain quality talent. Even educational organizations can find themselves perpetuating internal policies and practices that produce inequitable processes and outcomes for their staff and those they serve. We help assess the organizational culture and plan solutions that reinforce equity from the boardroom to the classroom.