Strategic Planning & Evaluation

Do you have a data-driven way to measure your success at achieving your organization’s goals and objectives, as well as to determine ways to improve your operations?

Strategic Planning & Evaluation

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Genesis Consulting Group’s program evaluation services allow your team to focus on what they do well while our trained researchers help tell your story using data. In this era of data-driven funding and decision-making, it is essential for leaders of schools, higher education institutions, corporations, and nonprofit organizations to be able to make the case that their educational programs are serving their target populations well. Additionally, to maximize their impact and efficiency, those responsible for educational programs must understand which program components are progressing well and why, as well as what barriers exist to accomplishing their intended goals and objectives.

Whether your organization is large or small, we can work in partnership with your team to:

  • Develop an evaluation plan,
  • Create or curate data collection instruments tailored to the demographics of your stakeholders,
  • Gather qualitative and/or quantitative data,
  • Analyze data to identify findings and recommendations, and
  • Present lessons learned in a variety of formats that can be of tremendous use to your funders, partners, staff, and clients.
  • Post-evaluation, our systems change management experts can help your staff utilize data to implement strategic change strategies.

Benefits Include:

  • Professional, cost-effective, data-driven assessment of the impact and/or operational efficiency of your educational programs
  • Evaluation strategies centered around stakeholder engagement and community impact
  • Culturally competent data collection tools that may include auditory, visual, and/or kinesthetic approaches
  • Evaluation reports that include data-driven recommendations to improve impact and operational efficiency
  • Change management experts available to help your team translate learning into strategic change

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